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ONE: Our Neighborhood Expressions

The ONE project explores the diversity and creativity of the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Public Health. It strives to illuminate the personal side of the people who make up this community, this neighborhood. Through these works of poetry, art, photography, music, and other medium we hope to communicate the breadth and depth of the skills, talents, interests, and combined experiences of this neighborhood. In doing so, we aim to create stronger sense of commonality and appreciation for the unique individuals that live and work in our community.

Project co-directors Norma Firestone and Dion Shimatsu-Ong submitted this project proposal with the goal of strengthening appreciation and respect within the School of Public Health among all students, staff, and faculty. They were further motivated by their awareness of the wealth of individual talents, skills, community service, and hobbies that remain undiscovered for the most part. Their hope is that the perspectives offered by this website will enable us to better integrate who and how we are in life, thereby instilling self-respect, confidence, and a sense of belonging in a richly diverse "neighborhood".

Mission Statement

The School of Public Health is a unique population of individuals working ultimately toward a healthier job environment and lifestyle. We are more than our established roles of students, teachers, researchers, and staff. Our Neighborhood Expressions (ONE) allows us to communicate and express other facets of who we really are: mentally, spiritually, and physically. It is our vision that we will enable members of our community to feel stronger relationships with each other based on a deeper respect and appreciation. It is our expectation that ONE will provide the opportunity for our community to see beyond the academic institution of SPH and feel a contributing part of this dynamic environment.

This project is funded by an Innovation Grant, which is administered by the office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion.

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