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Guidelines for sharing your story

How to submit videos/photos/music/art/etc.

  • Send a link to your youtube, or other host for us to review - OR
  • Submit work in original format on a flash drive, DVD, CD, etc. - OR
  • Contact Norma Firestone or Dion Shimatsu-Ong with an idea of what you're interested in submitting and we'll discuss with you how to develop it
  • We reserve the right of refusal for all material which may be offensive or do not promote the intent of this project. To ensure an objective and fair review of material, it will be viewed and commented on by a volunteer panel of SPH faculty, students, and staff (minimum of 5 reviewers). Submissions may be edited and then re-submitted for another panel review.

    Further guidelines regarding content:

    • All material submitted should avoid disclosing confidential & personal information.
    • All material should be either original or have authorship acknowledged.
    • All material may not be copied or used without express permission of individual participants and the ONE Project.
    • All individuals pictured in photo or video must sign a waiver allowing us permission to post their image and activity on our site.


    Fill out the form to submit!  Be sure to include links to any photos or videos described.

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